Enrollment Process


Each step is described below.

Step 1: Complete a Lottery Application

SJCA is now accepting applications via SchoolMint. Florida law requires a random lottery when there are more student applicants than seats available in a particular grade.

CLICK HERE  to complete the lottery application on SchoolMint.


You will be notified of lottery results via the email and phone number provided. 

Step 2: Receive an Offer to Register or Waitlist Status

The number of student seats available in each grade will determine how many are sent offers to register. if your student is selected for a seat, you will receive an offer to register. If your student is placed on a waitlist due to more applicants than seats available, you will be notified of waitlist status.

Step 3: Accept Offer to Register

When you receive the offer to register, you will have seven days to accept the offer to let us know you plan to complete the registration process. To accept the offer, follow the instructions in the email or text received from SchoolMint.

Step 4: Complete Registration

You will have 14 calendar days from the date you accept the offer to register to complete the registration process through SchoolMint. SJCA has a paperless registration process, so all documents will need to be uploaded using the SchoolMint instructions provided. Families who do not complete the registration process by the due date will lose their student's seat; that seat will be turned over to the next student on the waiting list.

Board Policy:
Applications to attend SJCA

Applications to attend SJCA will be accepted during prescribed timeframes.  Each application period will begin in January and deadlines will be established.   Application periods will be advertised on Facebook as well as on our website.

Enrollment process
Parents and guardians wishing to enroll their student at St. Johns Classical Academy must complete an online application, which can be found on the SJCA website under the Enrollment tab.  The online application contains:
1.      Name of parents/guardians
2.      Contact information: emails and cell phone numbers
3.      Name of student(s)
4.      Current grade and school
5.      Address of residence

Once the application is completed, the parent/guardian will receive email confirmation of the application’s receipt.  There will be registration deadlines for each lottery registration period. A minimum of two application windows will be available each year and will have beginning and end dates posted on our webpage and Facebook page.

Acceptance: Email notifications will go out to all who were accepted after each lottery drawing providing for no more than a 7 day acceptance of lottery drawing results and intention to register. A registration deadline will be set and the required paperwork and documentation checklist will be provided.

Failure to notify SJCA of acceptance/intent by the deadline will result in in that opening being filled by the next lottery eligible student.  If the parent/guardian chooses to decline the acceptance, that opening will be filled by the next lottery eligible student.

Lottery and waitlist
Once the application period has ended, in the event that more students have applied to a specific grade than there are spots available, a lottery will be held to determine which students will be offered the open seats. SJCA will hold multiple lottery enrollment periods January through July annually.

The waitlists shall be carried forward, in the order they were run, to each school year. (i.e. 2017-18 lottery #1 waitlist/ 2017-18 lottery #2 waitlist/2017-18 lottery 3 waitlist)

The following students may be given a priority in the admission process under State law:
1.             Students who were enrolled with St. Johns Classical Academy the year before.
2.             Students who have siblings enrolled with St. Johns Classical Academy.
3.             Students whose parents are employees of St. Johns Classical Academy.

Once the application period has passed, a randomized lottery will be run for all applicants. Applicants who are given priority based on the three categories above will be randomized at the top of the list; all remaining applicants will be randomized for the remainder of the list. This list will be used to determine the order in which students will be offered any available seats per grade. SJCA will use Florida State’s Class Size Amendment to determine available seats per grade. All students who are offered a seat will be notified with a deadline to respond. If the parent fails to confirm their acceptance within the prescribed deadline, the next student on the waiting list will be offered that seat until every open seat has been filled.  After the first application period and lottery, subsequent application periods and lotteries may be administered which would randomize new applications to the bottom of the first application period’s lists.

In the event that there are openings for a grade level during the school year, and the waitlist has been exhausted, but there are applications pending for that grade level, a lottery will be held for the available seats in that grade level.

Students who are not selected in the lottery for a seat will be placed on a waitlist.  Email notifications will go to all who are placed on the waitlist notifying them that they will be notified via email as soon as an opening for their child occurs. The waitlist is created through random lottery selection.

At the end of each registration period, if there are openings due to failure of an eligible child to enroll, the opening will be filled by the next waitlisted lottery student.

Adopted: 13 March 2017
Amended: 22 September 2017